hello everyone tonight

Now here we go-----

I have to back track here a little, before you tap in the 1\2" dowels, please do the following--

Remove each wear strip carefully after the holes are drilled, and mark each one's back face, and the up end--it will be needed to identify where each one goes later on, and preferably make a notation that identifies the first 2 pair as being the only ones to be used to create new wear strips in the future--the patterns-

At this point the dowels are in place with the ends protruding to receive the wear strips, but before that happens we need to make up from the patterns a matching set that will be used immediately

Ok--take wear strip lets say #1--only you will know which one that is--put a blank wear strip under it with the bottom of the pattern up, and then what I do is place 2 wood screws to hold the whole unit together and in line

If you are in a shop you could use a drilling machine, and carefully pass the unit under it drilling each hole using the holes in the pattern as a guide

This can also be done with a hand auger and end up with an accurate finished product which ever you prefer

As you create each new wear strip be sure and identify its orientation on the guide block

Now you are free to take the two pair that you just created (keep the patterns in a safe place), and gently tap them on the dowels protruding from each side of the guide block

There should be some of the dowel's length protruding past the surfaces of both wear strips, that is good, now taking a good sharp chisel and mallet and with a swift tap shear each one off smoothly

There you have it the guide block with removable wear strips, no glue, no nails in the whole unit and I guarantee that under normal conditions it will wear and wear and not fail, the only thing that might happen is that it could over heat, something that I will discuss later on