hello everyone tonight

Now you might say we are done with the guide block but not yet----------

We have constructed the guide block with its removable wear strips, and we have established that it is in its proper position directly above the barrel wheel\early turbine, some call it a rose wheel--whatever--, the centre of it directly over the centre point of the off set crank, it also will do all its work between two vertical posts, that have had their opposing corners removed creating a sufficient space for the wear strips that are 4" wide and that guide the guide block in its upwards and downwards movement without the main part of the guide block touching at any point anything that would mean certain failure, so here we have it the guide block can move freely, relying entirely on the guiding strips

These two channels where the wear strips are moving in need to be backed up with metal plates both on the strips edges and outer faces, just another part of the whole scheme of things, and let me clarify one thing--these metal plates are attached to the channels not to the wear strips

Well have to go now