hello everyone tonight

I thought that if I could entice someone to venture a sketched model it would be really great for those looking in--I am sure someone out there could put forward a model we could compare eventually against the original one--would anyone like to comment?

Anyway back to the job at hand--------------------

I would like to comment right here that I am sure many out there are saying "wow" that is a lot of work, my rebuttal would be that once created this unit will probably be around for 100 years or more, try and match that up with anything modern to do the same job

I would like to compare some of these hand made parts to the wood lignum vitae bearing supporting the runner in an 1860 water turbine, spinning at 125 rpm's, just nothing modern is better------they just run and run--no maintenance--

to proceed I would take the unit from one side with everything in place --the 2--"L" shaped bracket's dovetails, slid into place, in the dovetail mortises on the vertical WSG's--now with that done lay the whole unit out on a good work table

well have to go now