hello everyone tonight

Well Merry Christmas to everyone and may you have a prosperous and great new year-------------------

Just to finish this project before the new year starts-----------

with the whole unit laid out before you carefully measure the distance between the centre of the long tails of the "L's" and plot how far the mortises for both of them need to be from the wear strips--when that is done proceed to create two mortises right through the vertical post large enough for the size of the long tails of the "L's" to pass through easily, and out the opposite side,

Once that is done for both sides of the guide unit, there should be 4 mortises --2 on each side--mark where the tails exit , remove and create on each long tail a mortise to accept a long narrow wedge, I am saying roughly 12", tapering from 1\2" to 3" and about 3\4" thick material--

reinsert the units (both sides),together with their corresponding vertical strips, tap the long narrow wedges in, pulling up the unit snuggly against the wear strips on the guide blocks--that is good enough for now

Only one thing left to do before moving on-----

Now let us look objectively at the whole unit from the front of the guide block, you should see the guide block with its wear strips, held in place with the "L" shaped blocks and their matching verticals

now in order for the verticals to not move towards each other during operation, 2 pieces of 7\8" by 3" hardwood acting as spreaders are attached horizontally to these verticals, one about 6" down and the other 6" up on the face surface of the verticals, bore 2-- 1\2" holes right through these horizontal pieces and into the verticals--place a dowel in each hole and leave protrude slightly for removal when necessary in the future

Well this has been quite a process, a challenging one I might say and in my opinion not for everybody to attempt, what it does do though is to remind one about the hurdles that were overcome in creating without modern technology a long lasting unit that with only minimal upkeep and surveillance outwear their modern counterparts



--see you in 2016--

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