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Tightening up the vertical guides entails driving in the long wedges on the reverse side of the vertical supporting timbers, we created these fasteners back a few entries or so

As I commented you continue to tighten until you can detect heat when you touch the replaceable guide strips

While we are in the process of wearing in this unit it may be necessary to, and I strongly recommend slightly loosening one of the vertical supporting timbers, and tighten the wood wedges top and bottom to crowd this timber and its metal wear strip against
the side or edge of the slowly moving saw guide unit.

Well we are nearing the end of chat about the description, manufacturing, installing, and the fine adjustment of the power linkages leading up from the offset crank on the horizontal barrel wheel, and I hope everyone followed along, I did my best, but may have omitted or did not describe adequately some of the finer points, just ask and we will try and clear up any items of interest

There needs to be some discussion about the rotation direction of the turbine, and I will cover this important point before we move ahead

How many out there believe that the rotation direction of the turbine is important? like to hear from you

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