hello everyone tonight

welcome Dave--

I have been waiting for someone to post something to say without reservation that the technical information that I am posting is not going on deaf ears

You touched on subjects dear to my heart--historic mill wrighting and hewing

don't be scared to re handle your Broad axe--if you have a problem I do have instructional videos on the proper way to handle your axe head

I enjoy being able to help those that sincerely need this type of information--and I only recommend creating a handle using hand tools alone

Some handles were created reversible, meaning that they could be inserted into the axe head from either side so that right or left handed workmen could use the same axe--there is a lot of detail that goes along with the proper hanging of an axe head--for starters examine the ones you have --you might just get lucky-----

anyway thanks for coming on board with those very moving remarks I will cherish them



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