hello everyone tonight

well let us get this hoisting apparatus up and running----I am sure everyone is wondering how it works --well here we go----

visualize the wooden shaft under the rotating parallel attic shaft--this parallel shaft is about 48" above floor level about 2" in diameter, and at full operating speed is rotating at 100rpm's per min

now we know the one end of the wood shaft is captive in a wood bearing that allows the opposite end of the shaft to raise and lower 12" without binding

the next procedure is to fasten a 6"" pulley to the 2" rotating shaft directly above the 24" wooden pulley--

now the tricky part---remember the end of the metal shaft that protruded beyond the wooden pulley--well now we will be using it--

take a piece of good quality hardwood --3" by 6"--put a small bolt through the end to keep it from splitting, and then bore a hole of sufficient size to slip easily on the end of the shaft--this piece of wood will need to be about 8 feet long and I would taper it to about 3 by 4" on the extreme end

now taking a fulcrum experiment until you can easily raise the wooden shaft, but leaving enough weight so the shaft and pulley will lower downward under its own weight

on the outer end fasten a rope passing it down through a hole in the floor to be easily reached by someone standing at the ground floor door--this can be done with the use of a few small pulleys

now here we are say it is you and you are standing in the doorway you pull down on the rope, it raises the wooden shaft in the attic until it engages the 24" wooden pulley against the 6" rotating smaller pulley--friction does the rest--presto the wood shaft starts to rotate--

finally a larger rope is wound on the wood shaft and passing through a few wood pulleys is directed down to the landing usually in the front of the mill, or the wherever the receiving area is

to finish this scenario--the larger rope is fastened around a bag of wheat, you pull down on the rope, and the bag lifts to the worker on the second storey, who unhooks it an returns it back for another bag and so on----

well have to go