hello everyone tonight

Well been recovering here, but checking in on my site regularly

there sure has been many good discussions since I first logged on a few moons ago many wonderful posts by many very knowledgeable people, I hope that the information posted here both by myself and those that took the time to post will be helpful to those that need good direction

I have been helped by many since I first started out in life, but I have to thank my dad who guided me along early in my life, it was he that instilled in me the love of hewn timber, and traditional timber framing techniques--a little hard to deal with as a teenager but sure paid off in the long run for sure

Most of us really who are successful need a good mate and I sure am blessed with mine, a chance meeting one Saturday night, that has now lasted for over fifty years and counting

If any one wishes to open up a dialogue on any subject I am open for the invitation--good luck to all of you in your endeavours--and may the TTRAG continue to inspire many of you to pursue your dreams

The Northern Hewer
Richard Casselman