hello everyone

Hi Dave
thanks for coming on board--sounds like pretty bad weather you are having--but then probably you live in that zone that can expect just about anything from the weather man.

We are closing in on December, and as I remember times from years gone bye, -20f was usually with us by the 15th, one thing for certain ploughing the fields in mid november was just a thought

We would have been busy battening down the hatches, so to speak--
making sure that anything that could bust from the frost was either emptied or moved to a safe location

Life was quite simple then, no bills, or very few, no luxuries at all, the only thing that we really looked forward to was Saturday night in town, a visit to the library for a book, and hopefully going to the movie theatre

In 42 my dad had just left for employment on the construction of the Alaska highway--I was just 4 years old but remember him leaving--anyone out there that knows what I am talking about?
He was up there for 2 years, in weather down to -50f living in a tent--when he came home he brought army clothing with him--parkas lined with bear fur--felt shoes that reached to the knees that had a rubber boot, man were they ever warm--and those army sleeping bags--down filled, I swear you could sleep right in a snow bank and be warm as toast

While at home mother and us kids continued to keep body and soul together, receiving the odd letter and picture from up there--father standing on the gravel highway with friends

By the way we had no running water, no electricity, and I might add no hospital within 50 miles, might just as well have been 200 because getting there was impossible--the roads all blocked solid with snow, even the main highways were impassible--they tried to keep them open but the machinery could not cope--one good blow would close things right down--they would have to bring out the large snow blower to cut the snow banks back

When things got really bad one person from the neighbourhood would travel with a team and sleighs and pick up supplies for everyone--those were the days when you really needed good neighbours!!--and by the way doctors did house calls especially if you were quarantined with measles or the scarlet fever--one person sick in the family no one could not leave the house until it was lifted

Well great to remininse with everyone