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Just reviewing my stock of video footage for an inquiry about my post on "tools for sale", it is a great site you should visit it

I have helped many who required help using historic tools safely, namely the hewing axe, and adze, but I think that what amazes many is the thought and skill necessary to take their rough hewn timbers and join them together in a fashion that is strong, accurate, and following practices that were available to the tradesmen, skillful handymen, and just plain farmers at that time.

Remember this point farmers were never just farmers, but possessed skills on many fronts, skills handed down over generations, they could not only handle cattle, but could handle horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, plant crops, manage agriculture practices, preparing proper firewood, manage forests, many were pretty good blacksmiths, acted as vets, could hew timber, prepare timber frames, move whole buildings as required, build roads, served in the regimental forces protecting the homeland when called on, cleared land continuously, in many cases could use dynamite or other explosives safely,

They were mechanics, could become and stay as a strong head of the household, they knew the importance of being and needing good neighbours, how to dig a well for drinking water, butcher animals of all types, as needed,

I guess what I am trying to say to the young men and women of today is to look a little beyond the modern things around, they are ok but a good knowledge of old practices might just serve them well in times of need, I think a wake up call came during the ice storm a while ago that swept through here knocking out power, that in turn brought their world to a stand still

I thoroughly believe everyone should be taught some aspect of survival, it is a life saver in times of need

Here I am rambling on again

Well the new year is once again arriving, lets hope that things move favourably ahead