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just to continue on with the cutting framework,

"On the opposite end of the framework sits a moveable bunk, quite large I must say and strongly built, it is about 26" wide, 48" long and 12" thick, and is set down between the inside of the saw frame about 2", the reason for this is to keep the moveable bunk centred at all times and in all positions as it is moved to accommodate many different lengths of logs"

"There is a slot cut back into this bunk about 1.5" wide and 16" long, this will accommodate the blade as it moves into this position just clear of the end of the log prior to making a cut"

"We have to cover many aspects of this moveable bunk, so that you understand and can visualize it appearance before we move along"

"try and follow me--looking down at the bunk now you see a large rectangular bunk, with a slot cutting it by 2/3rds of its width, thus removing much of its strength, so to counteract this, on each side of the slot it placed a large wrought iron bolt (1") diameter, well and snuggly set, being drew up with 24" pipe wrenches or equivalent--this will ensure that the remaining section of the bunk that is not cut, will carry the weight of the log as it is loaded or rolled on board"

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