hello everyone tonight

Its been a while sorry-----but lets try and continue a little further--

You know, this old crude mill is pretty interesting, don't you think?, even now as I ponder its intricate parts, it seems even more complicated than when I operated and maintained it--

Well we were talking about the moveable bunk lets continue--

Now we have a general idea about its shape there is one more important aspect, which is the replaceable inserts, on the upper leading edge of the bunk, on which the log to be sawn will rest.

There are 2 of them one on each side of the slot, they are in dimension 4 by 6 inches, bolted and well secured in position, their position being approx. 1.5" apart

These inserts are cut into the upper surface of the bunk allowing enough depth to accommodate wedges for levelling their upper surfaces

Now I say levelling well that is misleading, because a good millwright will understand that under the weight of the log, when one is eventually loaded, the bunk will deflect down slightly, causing a vertical cutting error, so to compensate one must slightly elevate the end of the insert closest to the blade

To facilitate this measurement of squareness pull the moveable bunk ahead until it is abreast of the vertical blade and is situated between the two replaceable inserts

Now placing a square against the blade and on top of the insert, one should observe that the top of the insert is out of level slightly by about 1/8" on the 24" blade of the square

Now this will work for most ordinary logs, but might not be enough for very heavy logs that may cause more deflection in the bunk

well have to go for now

enjoy--like to hear some comments if you are enjoying--