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To round out a complete picture of this bunk, ready to work will consist of the hardware items, that are quite massive and heavy--2 separate cast iron dogs, that are fastened to the moveable bunk, on each side of the slot in the bunk, so that they can be hammered into the end of the log with a wooden commander--the dogs are not easy to describe but I will try--they are shaped in a mirror image of each other--each one shaped like an upside down "u"--the "u", with a spur on the leading top edge closest to the blade--this spur is 2" in height and 1\2" thick of steel and sharpened along its full length using one bevel, the "u" is about 14" in height, with a spread of its legs about 10", and constructed using 1.5" wrought iron stock in the 1800's by a good blacksmith.

The bottom of each leg has an eye with an associated eye and bolt intertwined together for fastening to the bunk, here again there is usually not a thread and nut but rather a slot with a tapered key fashioned into the end of the bolt

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