You are correct Richard, this is the only place for a good hashing over of these topics on internet. My impression, subjective as it is not having really given this topic the attention it deserves by any means, is that the adzes I see, and they are not uncommon in my area, all seem similarly dated, I don't know, coming from a time within the last 150 - 200 at the outer limit years. That is I don't remember ever seeing an adze substantially older than that - pre-modern adzes excepted like those bronze ones. Never seen them depicted in pre-photography period pictures or lithographs ect... and yet again at work this weekend I overheard talk of adze use in squaring up timbers. As far as I am concerned such talk is really the extent of this use, nothing more than a fairytale. Could be I'm wrong but it would sure be handy to have seen evidence behind these whisperings of adze use as a common means of working on timbers like we're discussing here.

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