Hello everyone tonight

Real Christmas weather here, would have been welcomed in the days gone by, l was just telling my great grand children about winters of long ago here in the country, it is hard for them to grasp how it was then, no tv, no cell phones, no electricity, no snow plows, hardly anything for Christmas .

Really there was no money and to tell the truth none was needed, we hunkered down, no bills coming in nothing needed paying, we lived out of the cellar, and we lived well and healthy, potatoes, meat frozen solid by the cold hanging in the drive shed, preserves from the cellar, we walked to school, and then home

Speaking of school then, it was a one room building with eight grades, a big pot bellied stove at the rear, when I went many moons ago there was only six children going, the teacher bless her heart will never be forgotten a wonderful soul

The Christmas concerts were special affairs the blackboards were decorated with coloured chalk the images were usually rural life, sleighs, horses, dogs, farm Animals, children skating on ponds, and you know that is exactly what life consisted of then

One experience I remember vividly was how the fields flooded and then froze solid meaning you could go for miles and gather up the other neighbourhood kids of all ages, the older ones looking out for the younger ones, everyone,s house was open for warming up if needed, one time in particular we ended up in a flooded low lying bushed area the trees spaced so that we could circle around in the light of lanterns hung strategically , what a wonderful time, so much healthier than today

But I must say I am enjoying central heating now along with running water hot and cold, and I must say the Internet which I am now using to be with you guys and gals, you all are wonderful, and you know we cannot turn time back but we can remember, I en joy sharing my remembrances and experiences with y'all ,

I realize there are many parts of the world that needs help, I hope that peace comes, but probably won't for many, but I do pray for that to happen

Well I have to go but before I do merry Christmas to everyone and may next year bring happiness and may you get back at your many projects whether they be historical or otherwise, and don't forget to try and help someone who needs it

Nh richard