Hello to all. I am a new member who joined to look for help with resources / advice on building my own frame, a patio cover or pavilion type frame over my patio at my home.
I am looking to replace the current cover I built with dimensional lumber over 10 years ago with a timberframed pavilion
I have will beemers book and two of jack sobons books I have been reading and researching but still have many questions.
I am a hobbyist woodworker with a very nice shop and I employ power tools and am trying to implement more hand tools into my woodworking.I have purchased a few chisels from Jim on at the forestry forum I have several sawyers in my area that can provide me with Doug fir beams for this frame.
This frame will be approx. 21 1/2 ' x 21 ' outside of the footprint of the posts.
I have looked at the 19 x22 pavillion on the TF headquarters site
and was wondering if I could alter the dimensions of those plans to make it work in my situation?
Along with the above question here are a few more I have, and any reply or advice will be appreciated.
Do most plans or drawings show details of the joints to be cut?

Is there a book or somewhere on the web that has more detailed drawings and procedures for cutting joints than the books I have?

Is there someone on this forum that i can hire to design a frame with detailed drawings of joints etc. for this frame?

Would a hammer beam type pavillion truss be too hard to cut / assemble for a first time frame builder like myself?

Any help or advice for this project would be greatly appreciated, I am looking to disassemble the old and build the new this spring/early summer.
Thank You
Gordon m