hello everyone tonight

well I made it through Christmas, into a new year and new adventures, and probably a few new projects to boot-

Mr Barclay picked up his broadaxe a few days ago, complete with a new wild cherry offset handle, it came out real nice I think, I finished the surface using broken glass as a smoother, he was amazed at the texture of the surface, and I suggest that it is one technique that you might try if you get the opportunity and the right project to boot.

The handle was created from a naturally crooked limb, and i split it from a section a few inches longer than I needed, in this case 36 inches, and about 12 inches in diameter, allowing me enough room to avoid the centre.

The split was done quickly using 6 old axe heads, inserted stategically along the split as it progressed

the rough blank that eventually emerged was approx 3 thick and 4 inches wide, and exhibited the unmistaken curve just about 6 inches from the end

One thing that you need to ascertain before starting to shape the handle is if he or she is right or left handed, when they are using an axe not a pencil, sometimes a right handed person will chop left handed eventhough they write right. Sometimes people can comfortably chop either right or left

Well most everyone can shape the handle , but be careful not to put too much or not enough curve, i suggest 3 inches off the flat of the blade, and the finished length should be about 29 inches overall

well got to go