Northern Hewer, you are indeed a treasure. This is my first post in this forum, and I just wanted to say that your description of the Christmas of yesteryear strikes home. Though I am much younger than you, I had the occasion to pass by an older friends' house this evening. Bruce and his wife are about 80. They, along with others with whom I have spoken, paint a picture of the Winters of their youth similar to your own. They are living in a cabin with their Christmas tree still up because they love the season so much.

As an aside, nothing brightens a cabin so much as a Christmas tree. (In my opinion), which is why I plan on building one with reclaimed hewn logs.

Thank you for the tip on the axe handle. I have several axe heads and other rescued tools that require my attention. I am looking forward to getting to them and also to reading yours and others posts.


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