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I am sorry to say I am not of the generation that is compatible with links etc, but I did put together a video a while back that shows me as I was creating an offset handle for an axe head that was in need of a new handle

As I mentioned I just finished an offset handle for a friend, Mr Barkley, it took me a while but it came out beautiful, and I used a blank split from a wild cherry section that he supplied from his bush property, it had the nice natural curve, where the strength is required in the handle next to the head.

The handles have to take into account a person`s natural preference, either right or left, and our axe heads here in North America are created so that they can be handled to exit either the right or left side of the head

I might say that I have used Black Walnut in many of my handles over the years, it creates a very unique handle indeed

If you are interested in the video see more details in Tools For Sale section, I call them teaching tools from afar, because I have supplied help in video form for many topics including adzing, hewing, timberframing, building raisings, like period barn frames, driveshed frames, smoke houses, tinshops, historic millwrighting, especially vertical blade waterpowered saw mills, using barrel wheels or rose wheels as a motive power, the last is my favorite, as you can probably tell from some of my previous posts

Water powered Grist Mills are also interesting, as well as woollen mills

Thanks for coming on board

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