Hi Richard,

Absolutely. I wish I had done so sooner and am glad to be here.

Thank you for the information on the instructional videos and axe handles. I had not realized the videos were for sale.

Currently, I am trying to work out a way to get to a TF class, but it may be a while yet with my schedule. In laying out timbers for my first frame, I realized how central an understanding layout is to the craft. Truthfully, that is what led to me the Guild and the forums.

It has been edifying reading through the old threads to see that others have had some of the same questions.

I have found the forum a gold mine of information for tact in handling problems or questions that inevitably arise. I recently purchased Timber Framing Fundamentals from the Guild and am working through it on my down time in the AM and PM.

That said, I certainly hope to see your videos and learn from them.

Again, glad to be aboard. I certainly enjoy yours and others' posts!

Best, --Nick

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