Hello everyone looking in tonight

I would like to return to last night`s post, and mention that as the timbers cure they also shrink and allowances should be made during the hewing process for this shrinkage so that you still end up with a full size timber to work with

Hewing is notoriously better accomplished when the logs are green, whereas many in the timber industry to day use cured`stable timber and witness less shrinkage, and I might say far less problems

The payoff though is to witness a naked frame fashioned from hand hewn timber, standing straight and true in the morning light--this was my experience one morning after we raised a
three bay driveshed, what a beautiful sight indeed

the other aspect was to notice how proudly it seemed to stand there, compared to the 100 year old example we were faithfully copying, it was like a very old man or woman rising up in their youthful glory, and to witness what it really looked like when it was originally framed--I was proud to rescue a very rare example of an outbuilding, and preserving it for future generations--and by the way the example now has disappeared

well have to go now

enjoy as much as i do telling