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You know I had constructed and repaired many older structures during my tenure at UCV, but nothing quite as large as a 3 bay historic building, I am referring to the Ross Barn above, many had been smaller buildings with no second level framing so I had to put together guidelines for the constructing techniques
always with a safety person in the background watching closely

The older techniques lack of safety didn`t really cut it so to speak, and this aspect hindered my representation of life in the 1860 time period hard to address

Along with that aspect the lack of knowledge all the costumed interpreters had that dealt with climbing and walking on narrow timbers or even planks added to the safety of the whole raising aspect of the barn frame

I overcame second level work by adding more planks to walk on than I am sure was the case in the 1860 menu but It was what it was and no casualties!

Well I have to leave now

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