hello everyone tonight

I would like to say thanks to those that risks their lives for others--it seems to be going on all over the world--

When I was young growing up here in rural Ontario, world events seemed so far away, and you only learned of them months after they happened, if at all--it was even worse as you travelled back in time--my father as he demolished one of the homes that was to be removed and restored at the new UCV site in the 50's came across an old newspaper stuffed in the plaster wall dating to the 1840's, it had a little blurb in it pertaining to the Mexican-- American war, the Irish famine, plus many other non related articles

This family being very wealthy were able to afford purchasing a newspaper, whereas most could not afford this luxury and were only aware of events close to home,

Today we are flooded with world events some good but many do not fall into that category

I must say though that as I sit here tonight I can literally travel the world delving into my favorite subject matter, and realize how small and private my life and my work used to be, and how easy it seems to be now to spread out what I consider interesting to all who take the time to drop by--please say hello---I am humbled by the interest in things related to my life--

Richard-- the Northern Hewer--