hello everyone tonight

this is a bit off topic but we do have fun off topic for sure--

I have a little project on the go and I need a little input to be able to complete it.

about a year ago I began to put together a shop grinding stone setup that I believe I have mentioned before during some of this thread's many topics

I believe that I have put together a very useful that is now ready for use but can be improved

The main ingredient in the setup is a large 30" stone that is 3" in width on its face. I have electrified the rim's rpm's to agree with historic millwright's recommendations as far as speed is concerned

What I am dealing with is a slight wobble as it revolves. it seems that previous owners must have caused this deformity in some way--anyway I would like to true it up, please jump in with some suggestions if anyone out there has any

it will work as is but it would be nice if the rim could be trued

thanks in advance

Richard Casselman