hello everyone tonight


Thanks immensely for the feed back and the lovely before and after pics

That stone is like the one I Came in possession of a few years ago, unfortunately it had an irregular surface problem

I installed a new arbour and mounted it on a whole new setup that was moveable for storage

My final problem was the irregularity of the surface as it rotated it was this problem that I am now aiming at

I am curious about the black square block that you are using to cut and true the surface, it must be a very hard substance

Could you get back to me on that one point

Before I leave--Jay--thanks for your suggestion also--I believe you are referring to the way a miller dresses a grist stone to remove unevenness a process I am familiar with being associated with an 1860 Grist mill at UCV, and watching the miller working with and truing up the grinding stone's surface

I believe you are suggesting roughly removing some of the surface and then using another process to smooth the surface, maybe you could expand on what you are suggesting

Sorry I can't provide pics at this time but I might be able to send some through my granddaughter, thanks again

Thanks to both of you guys--appreciate--


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