Hi Firehorse,

I wonder why you choose to hide behind a Nom de Plum ? Are you a Guild member ?

A lot of web forum traffic has now moved over onto other platforms such as Twitter / Facebook / |Instagram. etc. It needs to be recognised that those platforms do not necessarily build a data bank of information like this forum that can easily be searched & querried. Have you tried to do that yet ? or are you seeking instant gratification from the likes of Instagram pictures ? There is no harm in that approach especially if a person is dyslexic. This forum really could do with an easy way to post pics.

I suspect that a lot of the TFG diehards are just taking a rest in between felling trees / hewing / building and publishing having grown tired of forum back bighting where little control can be excercised by self with the poster instead being entirely reliant on moderators who might or might not agree with their or others point of view.

Some of us work away quietly trying to generate opportunities (learning / projects / work) for self and others. (See https://twitter.com/OWGGroup )

If you have something to say or a question to ask then just say it and hopefully this will prompt someone to post an informed answer.

Looking back to see the way ahead !