Hello everyone tonight

It's been a while since I have posted , but I have been busy transferringee some of my research material to newer upto date storage, a large task indeed but very interesting

I am quite interested in preserving information for future generations of truly interested students both young and old

I can see the challenges that people like Oliver Evans had as he also tried to preserve information, that I drew on as I struggled with complicated millwrighting problems during my career, I found out early on that tidbits of very necessary information was omitted, I am sure not intensionaly, on really difficult problems that I had to deal with was inserting cast iron Gudgeons into the wooden shaft of a 1860 barrel wheel that powered a Muley mill,s vertical blade

Anyway I could go to other complicated subjects but for another time

I have covered many subjects in this very long thread , enjoyed every minute, hope I helped someone along the way to become interested enough to continue to preserve knowledge for future generations


Richard casselman