My way is not typical, I don't use one of these picture hosting sites like the one mentioned or the others not mentioned. Because I have a website hosted by word press I make use of that service so the first thing you will do is register on that website, it's

free - in exchange for all your personal information, naturally. Then you are able to take pictures off your DVD or hard drive etc...add them to your very own media library where they are automatically assigned a url - don't worry about the techno jargon, it's easy -

you will be prompted to copy this address by clicking on the "copy button" in the editing section of your media library. With this address saved you come to the Timber Framing Guild's forum and to the topic of choice and using the fullest reply option click the icon, which you see above the text

box indicating a photograph, and when the pop-up window appears click the text box there and paste your picture's url in that space and validate the choice. Your picture will then be placed in line in your text. Remember you must first join in at

wordpress to take advantage of their url providing services. It's the url that is key to your success.

Please feel free to post any questions for more clarity on this or other maters.

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