Hello everyone tonite

I was just thinking today about working with rough, irregular sized, hewn timbers, like I have had to in the past to create an accurate reproduction of an existing building.

I was just wondering if there are some of you that would take up the challenge, if the opportunity came your way!

The work order would read something like this

-timeframe, 2 seasons
-find a suitable example (would be specified)
-create a working set of drawings or sketches, and have them approved
-find timber of similar qualities and type
-put together a work team of qualified personnel
-hand hew the necessary sticks, and then using proper methods create the frame
-put together a larger group to raise the frame historically correct methods
-finish the exterior
-finish the interior (both as per drawings, sketches and photographs)
- all work to be of high caliber, and follow directions of site supervisor
-work to meet safety standards (as much as possible), safety briefings a must

Just interested
Richard casselman UE

I forgot to say --no modern tools--

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