Everyone tonite

Thanks for coming on board Jay

You have quite a work record for sure, I am humbled!!

Well we all. Travel through life doing and accepting what comes our way, I came from a very humble background----l asked my. High school principal, John Schultz to tell me If my education in a one room country school, SS 10 was equal to receiving an ecducation in a large multi room school, he was quick to reply probably much better, I entered grade 9 at 10 years old and graduated high school at 14 years of age

You know I could have gone to summer school and at. That time taught at 16 years of age, but life took me in different directions, I took.up apprenticing with my father a re al good carpenter, not realizing where I. W as headed, but boy I enjoyed t he ride, and proud of what I accomplished, and many others along the way

It has been great running into you and many others. On this absolutely wonderful site