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Everyone tonite

Thanks for coming on board Jay

You have quite a work record for sure, I am humbled!!

You know I could have gone to summer school and at. That time taught at 16 years of age, but life took me in different directions, I took.up apprenticing with my father a re al good carpenter, not realizing where I. W as headed, but boy I enjoyed t he ride, and proud of what I accomplished, and many others along the way

It has been great running into you and many others. On this absolutely wonderful site


Hi Richard,

Nothing humbling at all compared to your own efforts Richard! They are just as impressive if not more so in many ways...We're just getting "long in the tooth" so have more stories to tell than some...!!!

I couldn't agree more about your education too...FAR!!! superior in most ways for sure compared to what our learning institution are producing today. As with most things "modern" they may be faster (sometime?) and the certainly can make "some" wealthy but there is seldom anything "superior" about them at all...


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