Hello everyone tonite

Hi jay, we will probably never meet, but through this medium , and the great country we live in lets us pursue without fear avenues of working adventure, that taken at the tide leads us to levels that would be hard to attain in many other countries.

You know many moons ago I experienced a true life happening that made me realize what we are fortunate to have here,

I was out doing a demonstration to a large group of foreign visitors, and I was telling them how we were trying to preserve our heritage, and this one tall lad came over to me and he went on to say tha the group was from Russia

It was after our relations were starting normalize somewhat, he went on to say t hat their country had lost much of their skills due to a relaxation of restoration of their heritage structures, and this new generation was trying to catch up by visiting and observing other countries efforts

It made me proud to think that anything I had to say might have a positive effect on someone in their group

One thing I noticed was the wide variation of nationalities in the group, it was astonishing to say t he least

Well that,s it for tonite