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Hello,everyone tonite

Well getting close to finishing out this year, and what a year it has been for sure, hope everyone is hunkering down and staying well, I for one is trying to do just that, but it is hard, have to get out once in a while to do some trading

You will notice I said ""trading"", just a familiar saying from my younger years, mother and dad would always say this never "out to buy groceries". They actually traded home grown things for necessities.

Trying to get ready for the cold weather, right ahead.

The shop will be getting a lot of use, catching up on tool housekeeping, getting them out of storage and for a while the atmosphere in the shop will be 1860, for those dropping by

For sure we will be putting up next years wood supply, which means disturbing the deer and other animals such as coyotes, foxes wild turkeys

I counted 12 deer the other day by the corn crib, having a nervous meal,and in. The background was a whole flock, of wild turkeys waiting for their turn

This. Will be the norm until spring, when Mother Nature will begin being generous


I remember when I was living several months in Texas I saw a lot of wild turkeys there, they were really noisy sometimes. Now I am in a Pattaya estate and I have lots of issues with bugs and insects, hate them