Hi Richard,

I am still alive and kicking (just). I now have twin grandsons and hope that I live long enough to teach them about the woods and timber-framing.

We are currently working on making a small home office timber frame from one Douglas fir tree milled up on our Woodland Mills mobile saw inside the cruck barn that we built in my woodland in South Oxfordshire.

Checkout our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/OWGGroup/status/1230182515224301570

Unfortunately Covid19 keeps getting in the way of making progress. Since Boxing day we have been entered yet again into another Lockdown situation to try and keep control of rising hospitalisation and death figures.

A while back I wrote a 16 page article for publication in Timber Framing on how we built the (all hand hewn) cruck framed barn however the TF editors could not be bothered reading, reviewing and commenting on this even though it was them who asked me to produce it in the first place !

I am once again no longer a Guild member.

Looking back to see the way ahead !