Hello everyone. Tonite

A few posts back, the conversation centred around one room schools, and t he type of schooling they seemed to instil in the graduating pupils of t he day many of. Whom are still around.
I am proud to say I am one of them, and had a pretty good grasp of things that seem to evade today's scholars
I was having a nice time with my great grand children the other nite , and. During the course of the conversation I asked the group if they knew where the USA was and was astounded to,find out they really didn't know
I then asked them if they knew what a continent was, no one knew
I t hen asked them if they had ever heard of Europe , Asia , Africa ,,no one knew, at that point I sort of changed the subject, realizing that our education system seemed to be lacking some fundamentals
My oldest great grandchild will be 10!!
Later on I vowed to myself I would introduce them to geography little by little so they would know at least where the Atlantic Ocean is located, and that Canada sits on the North American continent, by the way they all knew where Santa lives, but didn't really know where the North Pole was
I remember sitting in that one room school, the teacher pulling down a map of the world as she was instructing higher grades---we sort of followed along, enjoying the big map(s) of which i am sure there was at least 6 or more.
I wonder sometimes when I see spelling errors by well educated people what is going on
No one knows how to multiply without a calculator
I remember sitting with my boss , interviewing and scoring , now we are talking about single digit figures, I just added mine up in my head, he needed a calculator
(He had a university degree)
Well enough for tonite
The northern hewer