Hello everyone tonite

Thanks for your comment, it seems a lot of folks like this one room school educated old person, you know I am not really saying th at modern education is not good, all I am saying is t hat for sure something seem left out, something that is really important, like my remarks above.
I do enjoy posting and using a computer, and having said t hat, I remember quite well when one was placed I n my office, and you know what really helped me, was that I had taken a commercial course in grade 12 and I knew my key board, I could not believe my highly educated boss using one finger as he struggled to create a memo!!!
I don't like being hard on him, and I don't mean to he was a good person, a good researcher, and taught me how t o look at old photographs, especially in the background to pick out I mportant details
I guess the education system had to omit something to make room for all the new information being created

Sorry for the errors, but it seems the iPad thinks it needs to change some of my grammar

By the way Before I leave, I have some connection with San Diego, my mother came. From there many moons ago, my father as a young man went out to help rebuild San fransico after the earthquake destroyed a good part of it they met and the rest is history

Richard casselman