Hello, I'm working on a power rack project that I feel falls within the sidelines of timber framing more so than other woodworking disciplines, since it involves a wooden frame supporting dynamic loads of up to 600 lbs (in practice, the load will be less) and safety is implicated. I just finished designing it in Fusion 360 (first project with it) and I would like to get general input on its design.
It is primarily made of construction grade 4x4 boards and tenoned 2x3 braces. The joints are inspired by Chinese/Korean joinery found in framed Buddhist temples. I don’t intend to glue the joints so it can be disassembled if the need arises.

3D Model and dimensions:

For those unfamiliar with Fusion 360’s browser interface, there’s an ‘Explode Model’ feature to disassemble the components and section analysis is there to cut through the model. Measure tool works the same way as in AutoCAD.
With that into consideration, is the design sound? I’m wondering more about the recesses supporting the middle beam taking too much material from the beams. Are parts of the ‘tenons’ on the top post joints too thin?