Hello everyone tonite
Been a while, hope everyone is well, as things return to some kind of normalcy
I had time to visit the UCV site, especially the mills and all the timber framed structures that I am happy to say I had a big part of rescuing from fading into history and dissapearing into the mist of time, never to be remembered as a big part of early history.
The saw mill is starting to need someone to give it some TLC , the main wooden driveshaft of the barrel wheel, will soon need to be replaced, a big job indeed for someone, knowledgeable enough to tackle it, I spoke about it a ways back in this long running forum, I do have the necessary saved video on disk that I saved as I worked along replacing it, in the years gone by, it will be interesting if it will be repaired and once again be fully operational into the future
The replacement is a super complicated procedure, and you need to study and execute each step faithfully
I have said it before, the old mill looks pretty rough but it is pretty complicated in its millwrighting technique
I hope someone reading this post picks the reigns, should the opportunity present itself

Richard casselman