Hi everyone
Thought that I would let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking, having a wonderful time cozying up to the wood stove, what great heat!, but of course you need good dry wood and year ahead planning.

When I was growing up a good many moons ago, it was this time of year the pace quickened, and I don,t mean getting ready for Christmas, I mean getting ready to hit the bush trails!!

Dad would get out t he sleighs, log chains, axes, can't hooks (guess the computer doesn't realize what a c a n t hook is) , and oh yes the cross cut saw--no motorized chain saws yet for another 10 years, and then they were heavy brutes, only the blades turned 90degrees, what memories!!

Would walk back to the bush, and clear out and maybe cut some new roads to new areas, we would cut and chop firewood, and logs, carefully piling them up for sleighing at the first fall of snow,

Now let's discuss first fall of snow, I mean 1to2 feet and cooooold snapping weather to, freeze, and create a sleighing road---once created, pile one the wood, and away you went--and what a sensation it was--the load chained down, the horses just waiting for the edge of t he bush and the open sleighing road ahead,my father would yell lets go, 😒