hello everyone tonite,

Well on to my next rescue missio, as you probably well know I truly enjoy saving for future generation examples of things quickly dissapearing, in this case it is my father,s unique sawhorses

I have noticed for some time now how their condition is quickly deteriorating

I know that many of you would say that this does not sound like a very interesting project, but I re member and have photographs of these saw horses standing in background photos, around 1940.

I grew up using them and at that time, marvelled at their unusual design.

It wasn't,t until I began working as a carpenter, that I began comparing their design to those created by others
Most of which were of a very plain design.

In all my years I never quite run across sawhorses, that exhibited any special characteristics until my supervisor said one day just before one of our planned building raisings, we need historical accurate sawhorses on site.

Have to go now but will be back,to continue
Richard casselman

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