Well hello everyone tonite

2022 just about here, in a few hours,

In that regard, a happy , safe, and I hope prosperous new year to all of you, wherever you might be, and thanks for following my thread, I truly enjoy sharing my experiences with all of you, and while I am on the subject I would like to thank the TFG for allowing me a niche on their hosting site, and I apologize for once in a while straying into areas and topics that are maybe too personal, I do try to turn the wheel back to things that are dear to my heart, like hewing, adzing, timberframing , historic millwrighting, historic woodwork finishes, paint graining, historic roof applications, and you know it gets really crazy when projects come along that include steam, both engines and heating applications, and creating structures that housed these power and heating sources

I learned a lot as I was involved with all these varied subjects, but most of all from the tradesmen that I worked along side of, and with and I would like to name a few, Lucien direnzio, our resident cabinet maker, a trade all its own! George York , our blacksmith, George was rough around the edges but boy could work wonders with the forge,

Well have to go
See you in 2022