Hello everyone tonite
Well been quite a summer here,trying to deal with the virus, and just recently deal ing with family shaking accident, the heat and humidity is really trying everyone.
It made me remember the days gone by, no air conditioning, no indoor plumbing, you know just about nothing we all take for granted today.
It makes me think of growing up in the times during ww2, didn't really know what was happening in the rest of the world, now. We seem to know too much, I really feel sorry for those involved
You know though I m glad t o have experienced first hand, some of those old hardships, I learned at an early age how to cut down trees safely, plant gardens, kill and dress, and preserve meat without refrigeration, have light without electricity, and oh yes as the years rolled by enjoy dancing, and movie theatres, couldn't go in and have a beer till I was 21, but having said that I could go to war, drive a car, get married, funny world.

Well bye for now glad to be able yet to come on line a chat with you guys and gals