Hello everyone this cold night

You know as I reflect on things, take the subject of timberframing and its different forms ie: light, heavy, extra heavy, super extra heavy like mill framing, and bridge framing.

Mill framing had to take into account many features like positioning of the powering unit, whether it was a turbine, one of the many types of water wheels, be it overshot, undershot, breast wheel, or barrel wheel, the later being one I am quite familiar with. Vibration of many sorts ie: rumbling (grinding stones), back and forth motion(Muley saw mills), with their extra long lateral x braces on each level. And the list goes on!

Church framing, especially the ceiling trusses, were s pectacular, and of many styles, some trusses strong enough to carry the immense weight of the steeples. One in particular that I documented had a span of 45 feet, and incorporated a bridge truss in its wide span not only to support the truss,s weight but the ponderous weight of the 50 foot high,heavy framed spire, it was something to behold.

I'm sure the parishioners sitting below , had no idea what was above their head!

Well I have to go but am enjoying these chats, thanks to the great people in TFG that make it. Possible !

Richard casselman
The northern hewer