Hello everyone tonite

Just to continue my ramblings about historic framing, I find it a fascinating topic, that like a road has many intersections leading to new knowledge on the subject depending on its style of building, or its many uses, which in most cases creates the type and strength of the framing used in its creation.

I'd just like to inject a personal observation, through my many years of actual association with this subject
First --to create a replica of a building structure destined for special preservation based on its special features, and maybe its probable demise through ownership, one needed to document every aspect of its original construction techniques, not a small task!, but having accomplished that ,acquiring the type and size of trees is also quite a task .

Let's remember right now, we need a true hewn surface, on each finished timber!, and you make no mistakes on the framing as you utilize each one, there are no spares!

Well got to go now

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