Hi Jim and Richard (et al),

A lot of us spent a great deal of time building the knowledge base contained in this forum and it would be wrong to assume that just because no one is currently actively posting on this forum that it's relevance has diminished, however things have moved on.

Instead of everyone gathering together in one spot framers now have their own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts where they can post with relative ease and remain firmly in control of persons who visit and content posted.

The fees quoted to run the forum seem very high. I know that the annual bill to run The Oxfordshire Woodland Group forum is about £25 ($30).

There are a good number of timber-framing afficionados who regularly frequent the timber framing section of The Forestry Forum demonstrating that there is still a need for an active forum on this topic.

Where did The TFG go wrong ?

Looking back to see the way ahead !