Hello everyone tonite

Thanks for coming on board ken, I can always count on you for constructive conversation, and I guess that is what makes the world go around.

I do wish that those who view silently, TTRAG related content expressed here, would once in awhile say hello (some do) and to them, i say thanks.

I also realize , probably not as much as you ken, that the world is changing in the area of access to knowledge both giving and taking, but having said that it is nice to listen to, original talk on the subject.

I more than anyone realize my thread wanders into areas that might not be classified as timberframing, but I found out any moons ago, that timberframing, with hewing as an integral part, is an end product of many historical structures, which couldn't exist without the knowledge to use the axes, chisels , mallets ,and I might say sweat, sore hands, and above all else one neighbour helping another.

Maybe I have it all wrong, but a creation, be it a home, outbuilding, mill, an A frame bridge , bakery, barn drive shed , is all mixed up with timberframing, and hewing as its binding agent

Thanks again for visiting

Richard casselman. UE
The northern hewer