Hello everyone tonite

Just to carry on my thread relating to reconstruction of the Ross barn at UCV, It was one of the highlights of my career.
Many would say well it's only a barn, that was true! ,but, the reconstruction was to be carried out in front of the visiting public, using only historic tools, trained costumed staff, details of the original workmanship, such as timber sizes, type, pin placement, placement of foundation stones at strategic points, inside finish details, flooring, roof boarding, nails,siding and corner finish details, roofing shingles, roof eve finish details, rafter framing, large and small doors and blacksmith hardware for each,

Then the raising of the frame was accomplished using horse and manpower alone.
Time allotment for this whole project was set out for three seasons of 5 months each, a very strict deadline, and advertised in segments of progress.

I will return enjoy!