Regarding the old barns in Ontario, it is an endless fascination to me how the barns all have thier own character,
only rarely can I say that I've been able to know that the barn down the road was built by the same person as the barn I'm currently working on.

This character is sometimes only in the shaping and joinery, with standard patterns of framing.
However, there are also times when I repair barns that have unique framing patterns, unseen before.

My area of Ontario currently has a shortage of people willing to repair the old barns,
I highly recommend if there are young or old framers out there that you consider making this part of your business.
You will learn a lot and you will have a chance to make steady money when the economy is down.
Also, you will meet the old builders as you meet their work.

If you are somehow reading this and interested to enter this line of repair work,
please don't hesitate to email me with questions as I know it can be a bit overwhelming to get started.

The old barns are disapearing fast these days, and I know that in a few more generations these buildings will become more and more valuable.
Save a barn today, someone will thank you in future.