It is common for houses using ONLY sips to be sided with this product so a TF with sips should be ok. I recently restored a house in north texas and used cement board - unfortunately had to remove the original cedar beveled siding as it was too far gone and owner wanted maint-free but not vinyl (understandably). The house was stud construction and those there is a weight difference, no ill effects noted or expected. I found best to use screws vs. nails for install and need to pre-drill near the ends to avoid splitting. You can read more about install of such product from many other sites.
Just my personal thoughts -----> this is your retirement home. How about using natural stone instead - maintenance free and will fit in to your site well - use stone native to your area - a great addition to a TF home.....obviously, cost/benefit tradeoffs to be considered. Option would be stonework on more visible sides with plank on other sides....just suggestions. May your projects be successful.