Thanks for the quick response.
I'v used the latex/wax sealer. It works great, but is a bit spendy. I'v used melted bee's wax but the application is a bear. If anybody knows of a solvent that will soften the wax and evaporite after application and dosn't kill everything in a 50' radius, it would help.
Right now I use a combination of evrything depending on the location of the frame. Inside, I use the finish, Dalys mostly. In semi-protected outside locations, bee's wax,the commercial latex/wax; if I can get it, or the finish to be used, in a pinch.
The commercial product is the all around, but it's hard to get. It has to be bought in large quantities and it isn't cheap. I live in an area where log home builders are located every 5 miles down the road. I have bought small amounts from them if they have extra. They only buy what they need and only if the home buyer request's it.
I'll keep looking and dive deeper into the www. Thanks